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Molly Hentz

Holistic Nutritionist

I help people fall in love with themselves through nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy.

About Molly

Endlessly fascinated by the impact that nutrition and lifestyle have on our health and wellbeing, Molly is guided by the core belief that when we know better, we do better – and in turn, we feel better! Over the past 3 years, she has successfully worked with clients seeking sustainable weight loss solutions, as well as those seeking relief from symptoms of high blood pressure, acid reflux, PCOS, SIBO, and more general patterns of disordered eating and BED. 

Molly graduated from Wake Forest and has a Masters in Nutrition from NYU, as well as various certifications in health coaching and behavior change. No matter what your health goals are, her comprehensive approach will transform your relationship with food in ways that are practical, purposeful and of course, fun!



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